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Software Consulting Services

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Current day’s workplace, which is increasingly virtualized and globalized, Organizations need to apply intelligent strategies to allocate resources to innovate, and reinvent processes leveraging the latest tools and methodologies. In these times of economic uncertainty, one needs to work closely with the clients, to define innovative target operating models to drive the business to achieve success.

Vertex provides a competitive advantage by transforming business and target operating models. Our pool of stellar consultants, speak the language of business and IT, to ensure an alignment of the business, operations and organizational models. Our focus would be to how do we ensure the operating model optimally support the business strategy, and to lay out near-term and long-term implementation roadmaps, from current to desired future state.

Similarly, we also provide advice on leveraging IT to transform business operating, thereby creating a competitive edge. We do a holistic analysis of an organization, its business-IT alignment, operations, technology in use, governance and processes. A cost-benefit analysis is also done to evaluate value proposition. We help you reap maximum benefits by providing a science-driven approach to Outsourcing. A detailed PLAN would be provided with an IT outsourcing strategy, an implementation roadmap, a change management plan, IT cost-optimization, a strategy for risk mitigation, along with cost-benefit analysis.